Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wishes and Hope for a Cure

This is a very special necklace which I am proud to offer for sale. Truly a family affair, the glass vial held the insulin which helps to keep my wonderful son-in-law and beautiful 3 year old grandson alive everyday since they both have type 1 diabetes and need this insulin to live. The fluff inside was lovingly collected by my older grandsons from dandelions in the yard, which they still love to blow into the wind with a wish. The leather stopper is cut from my hubby's stash of leather that he uses to make his beautiful native american wares. I added the charms, WISH and an awareness ribbon charm that says HOPE with a blue bead for the blue circle which is a symbol for type 1. Just let me know you want it and I'll send you an invoice. $30