Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bunny Pillow Boxes

Tracey Sanders over at has once again created something I couldn't wait to try for my two littlest grandsons. I made these little guys to go into their Easter baskets and the great thing about them is that they are large enough for a toy, or pretzels, or apple snacks individually wrapped. In our family it's not all about the candy. Thank you Tracey for your ideas. I changed mine up a bit, used Heavenly Blue instead of blush, increased the size of the head to 3 3/4 instead of 3 1/2, added some pink buttons for the noses, and used some plain wide brown grosgrain ribbon. Check out Tracey's terrific design and leave her a comment letting her know how much you like her cute ideas. Everyone love to find a comment showing that you like what they do.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Shamrocks blowing in the wind. A new 3D art canvas for my daughter's guest room that she has decided to do in a Celtic theme. I will be seeing her tomorrow for St. Patrick's day and with a last name of O'Leary we tend to celebrate it as a major holiday. We will be going to DC area for a welcome home party for my nephew after his safe return from Afghanistan so I know we will be spending it with family and friends, good food and good times. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Irish or not?
AP cricut cartridge used to cut various sizes of hearts, 6 of each size per shamrock. Fold hearts in half and glue on flap of each folded heart to the other to form a petal, 3 petals to a shamrock and I just hand cut the stems of various sizes. Art canvas is 12 x16 and framed with a 12 x16 frame with glass removed. Hope you enjoy and I can't wait to give it to Shannon when I see her tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter is right around the corner

Here are a couple of cute cards to make for Easter/Spring.

Here are a couple of cute cards to make for Easter/Spring.
Both of these cards uses the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge and cuttlebug folders, two of my favorite things for creating. The Bunnies were created cutting Petal2 shape, p59 @ 1 1/2 inches for ears in white, you need 4, and 4 @ 1 inch in pink( mine were watermelon CTMH). Heads were circle shape on p 21 cut @ 1 1/4 need 2, and butt @ 1 1/4 need 1 in white. Muzzle was same circle cut 1/2 inch need 4, for the white eyes I changed my expression to cut in 10ths and use .40 as the cutting size, need 4. Pink nose was cut @ 1/4 inch need 2. Feet were cut from the egg shape 9 p 57 @ 1 inch and so were the Easter eggs hidden in the grass.  Black eyes were punched with a 1/4 hole punch. The frame for the sentiment was cut from Shape3 p 46, Decorative layer @ 1 inch.  I cut a strip of New England Ivy patterned paper from my stash and used scissors to fringe the grass. The top cardstock was embossed with the Swiss Dot cuttlebug embossing template and sanded to make the dots pop. I popped the face off the ears, the muzzle off the face and the nose off the muzzle. I glitter glued pink  the nose and inside the ears to give some sparkle and because who doesn't love glitter. A simple bow and some tiny pearls finishes the card.
Chick Card
Buttercup and Honey are the CTMH colors used on this card. AP cricut cuts are:
1 Circle2 card p 31 @ 4 inches, 2 Tab2 font layer p58 @ 1 3/4 for wings, 1 Oval2 accent p. 32 @ 2 inches for top of head, 2 Oval 2 accents p 32 @ 2 1/2 inches for feet, 1 Banner4 p49 @ 1 1/4 for beak, 2 Circle p21 @ 1 inch for white eyes, @ 3/4 for black eyes, @ 1/4 for eyes centers. Inside I cut another circle 2 card in a coordinating patterned paper p31 @ 3 3/4.
Assembly: Emboss card front with Swiss Dots folder, emboss wings with swirls folder. Ink edges in honey. Measure where you want wings and slit front of card to tuck in back of wings. Adhere to inside of card, dimensional tape under wings on front to pop off card at wing base. Assemble eyes with circles Attach beak and eyes, pop dot eyes. Trim 2" oval accent piece by cutting in center and use top half for feathers at top ( there is a small slit in the top of the card base which the cricut makes when you cut out the card, the base of the feathers will fit into that slit) adhere to inside of card. Cut both of the 2 1/2 inch oval accent pieces in half and use bottom half for the feet, removing the curly pieces on the side of the 3 center feet section. Adhere to inside of card. Adhere the patterned card to the inside of the card which will cover up almost all of the pieces where you adhered your pieces inside the card to give a finished look.
I hope you like these little guys, if you have any questions just let me know.
Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mini Bunny Basket

Adorable little mini Bunny Basket for your enjoyment. Let this little girl brighten your Easter with room for a small gift in the Easter Basket or alone for cute decorations on your Easter table.

 Cut with the CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge, finished basket is a 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inch container . Use page 23 Basket set on Fit to Page.The feet were cut from Oval 2 on page 32 at 1 1/2" (cut 2), the ears are on page 59 Petal 2, cut 2 in white 3 31/4" and 2 pink at 3". Nose  uses Heart pg 26 cut at 1" in white and 3/4" in pink. Eyes are circle cut 1/2" in black, Foot pads pg. 21 circle in pink 2 at 1" and 6 at 1/4" Whiskers were just 1/4" strips cut various lengths.  Only takes minutes to put together. I did take the cut out from the handles on the basket and reinsert behind the ears with the back of the ears holding it in place so you don't see a hole between the ears. A double pink bow also helps to hide the seams.  It's got a white cotton ball on the back for her cottontail.