Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thoughts on Journaling

I'm getting ready to sit down and work on some scrapbook layouts and was thinking about how important journaling is to my books. I once heard a saying I feel is so true and important. " They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but after time a picture with no words is just a picture". My heritage scrapbook is probably the most important album I've yet to create. It combines three of my great loves, my family, geneology and scrapbooking. I've tried to worry more about the content than the artistic and combined extensive journaling about the lives of my ancestors. Each question that is answered in geneology leads to dozens of other questions and the quest for more knowledge of one's family goes on. My hope is that by my creating this album, my living family and generations yet to come will feel connected to the past and gleam a little bit of the pleasure I receive by looking at and learning about the past generations that make them who they are.

How much journaling should you include on your pages? Look at a typical page of one of your scrapbooks with someone that wasn't with you when the event was taking place. If you have to explain what was going on, who the people in the pictures are, when it was taking place, then chances are you haven't journaled enough on your page. Do you want someone in the future to be able to know the when, where, and who of your pictures? Then journal it now so they will be able to associate with it. After all you are creating the Heritage books of tomorrow, today.

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