Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Entering the 21st century

Wow it has been a long time since I've been here, mainly because I got so frustrated trying to add things to my blog using dial up service that I just quit. Now that we have finally entered the 21st century at our house and have high speed internet, we're going to give this another try and see if we can keep up with the times.

I'm still creating almost every day and loving "Doing It With Ink". We have so many new and exciting happenings that will be taking place in the next few months that I know I'll be busy trying to update my website to reflex all the news. I haven't been able to add art or update my calendar since CTMH upgraded our websites and left the old dial up users behind. I'll be working on finding pictures of some of my recent cards and layouts to add to the website and here to show you what I've been creating.

A couple of weeks ago I did my first quilt/blanket for my littlest grandsons, Jackson and Joshua.
Embroidered by machine onto black fleece squares and then made into a quilt with yellow and red fleece in true Disney colors. Such fun, and I've definetly been bitten by the machine embroidery bug.Working on some surprises which I can't tell you about right now. Larry is experimenting with some embroidery patches I'm doing for him for his regalia. Damien was over a couple of weeks ago when he got back from a trip to Nebraska and Wyoming and we set to work creating him a couple of shirts.
Watch for exciting news from CTMH. New catalogs will be arriving and will go live on Sept. 1. Exciting digital scrapbooking later in the fall, then retirement of some products and lots more new again in January. I've already made my reservations for convention in D.C. for July 2011 and if any of you other CTMH consultants want to join me, we will have a blast.

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Sara said...

the blankets you made are amazing!! and we LOVE our napkins and place mats :-) your embroidery machine is my new bff