Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween mask- batman to fox

Working on the Halloween masks for my daughter Sara and her husband Rob. I still need to figure out how I'm going to do the nose, not sure whether it will end up being molding foam or Styrofoam. Also need to add whiskers probably with broom straws painted black. I love making costumes and have just as much fun with the adults as I do with the kids.
(no animals were harmed in the creation of these masks)
I've got the first one almost done as you can see, I think my little fox turned out cute, so glad I found "Batman" to be the base, then it was just buying fake fur in white and a red brown and a really good glue that hubby had (Quick Grip) to secure the fur to the plastic.Started with the white fur mouth area then cut a piece of reddish brown to start at the nose and go up the face between the ears, Trimmed the fur fabric ( always cut just the fabric from the back so you get natural lay to the fur) around the eyes, With the black plastic it worked out beautifully to give a black rim to the eyes and still keep the fur from around the eye for safety and comfort. Next made a rough paper pattern for the face sides, letting the fabric extend past the mask on the sides for about an inch., Then I cut out of a cardboard cereal box some larger shaped fox ears and glued them to the bat ears. A small section of white was then added and layers of reddish brown covering the front edges and back of ears, so they look real from the back too. A black broad tip Sharpie was used to darken the fur around the ears and for eyebrows.
So I decided on using a modeling foam and painted them with shiny black paint and broom straws painted black as well. Now my next challenge is to get them packed up and safely sent to Sara. I'm hoping that the whiskers will not get destroyed.
  I can't wait to see the pictures from their Halloween party when they dress up as Mr and Mrs. Fox.
 What do you think? Do you do costumes or decorations for Halloween?


Sara said...

BEST masks ever!! we're gonna be the halloween champs ALL because the most creative woman ever is my mama :-)

Sar said...

Sara blogged about these cool! You do amazing work, plus your creativity is so neat! I can't wait to search through your blog and look at other things you've done.