Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Details on Poinsettias

I have had a couple of questions about my poinsettia cards, yes they are cut from Art Philosophy the star flower on page 39 . I cut 2 and on studying some images of poinsettias, one of the characteristics is the vines on the individual lines of each petal, kind of like a leaf, so I turned the cut image over and used a stylus on my piercing mat to score lines like a leaf so they would be raised on the front.

wrong side
right side
 Then I used a sponge dauber with cranberry ink over the raised vines to really make them pop.

 I layered 2 flowers on top of each other off setting them, but on the top flower I also used a stylus on the opposite side to not only add the vines but went around the edge of each petal following the shape of the petal

 (It's hard to take a picture and hold the camera too, sorry it so blurry.)
and then when I flipped it over I used an exacto knife to cut the cut shape in the middle of each petal and popped it up a little.

 a very small star flower in green was cut for the center and I used my stylus around and round in the very center to cup up the center and filled it with the homemade yellow flowersoft. The leaves were the same star flower cut apart from New England Ivy same size and scored the same way, I sanded the right side lightly to bring the veining out and let the light core show thru.

Hope that helps, you can email me anytime if you need more help. ( Don't mind the red fingers, now you know why this blog is called "Doing it with Ink" , I seem to have ink on my fingers all the time). Have a great day


Jane said...

How creative! Thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing all your pretty paper art!

tjhubner said...

This is a beautiful flower! You have such talent! I have a special card, just for you, on my blog. Your gift meant so much to me, I just couldn't help but make a card to properly thank you. Joanie

Connie MacFarlane said...

Love these flowers Jane - great idea! I don't own a Cricut yet, but I do have the AP cartridge - can't wait to use it some day.

Michele said...

These are so cute. I had just cut some out this morning and was working on them too. I love what you did.

tjhubner said...

This flower is so creative and beautiful, thanks for the detailed directions, Smiles coming your way, Joanie

Emily Anderson said...

These are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the directions with us! I absolutely love your stuff.