Thursday, September 1, 2011

Packing tape and Glitter technique

How do packing tape and glitter create a technique you can use for your paper crafts? Well let me show you. I love glitter, what I don't like is how it gets all over everything long after you have made your card. As a matter of fact that is exactly why Operation Write Home refuses cards made with glitter for the troops, cause it reflects light and can get on a soldier's uniform and can be very dangerous. That being said this technique helps with the glitter shedding problem and lets you put glitter easily in places otherwise difficult to work with. Here is a card I made using the AP Cricut cartridge, some silver metalic paper, red glitter, packing tape, scotch tape a bit of ribbon some black and red cardstock and the stamp set Peace on Earth with silver embossing powder. I hope you will be able to see the glitz, it doesn't photograph nearly as shinny as it is.
I started out cuttng 2 corner decorative pieces with white cardstock at size 2 1/2 inches, It was the image on the Tag 2 key with the font layer selected. sorry the photo is blurry.

Then I intertwined them and covered them with green glitter glue and set aside to dry completely.

I cut the ornament shape on the Banner 5 key with the tag shift at 3 inches out of some silver metalic paper.

Cover theBACKof the open design with packing tape, STICKY SIDE DOWN, make sure the tape covers the entire area where you want the glitter, if you need a larger piece use 2 or use some scotch tape if just a area needs to be covered
Turn the piece over and pour glitter over the entire area, pressing the glitter into the cutout area. Then dump the excess glitter back into the container and brush off the remaining excess, the glitter will adhere to the tape and only the tape so you can wipe your ornament clean.
Next take scotch tape and apply to the BACK of your black cardstock sticky side DOWN, leaving 1/4 inch off the paper all the way around the edge.
Turn over and again cover the exposed  tape with glitter and press glitter into the tape. Pour excess back and brush off card. You can now glue your dried green glitter swirls to your card front. Tie a red metalic ribbon onto top of ornament and adhere ornament to card front.

Emboss sentiment using versamark and silver embossing powder at the bottom of a 4 5/8 x 6 3/4 black cardstock and mount onto a cranberry 5x7 card


Paula said...

Sounds and looks like a great technique! If glitter sticks that well, I'll be using more glitter! TFS :)

And I'm a follower now... thanks for being my follower, too!

Sara said...

sooooo pretty!!!!