Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I am convinced that I am truly in my second childhood. A couple of years ago, I finally gave in and bought a fake tree. I have to tell you as a real tree advocate, it was a big concession, but as the kids left the nest it was just one more way to minimize all the work hubby has to do to help me around the house and tree shopping and decorating and clean up were one of the issues he had with decorating for Christmas. Thank goodness that the kids have managed to get home for a least a portion of the holidays, or there would be no Christmas decorations to be found  here if Dad had anything to do with it. Well while the fake tree was pretty once set up, and yeah it was easier not to have to string lights and pick up pine needles, I just couldn't "love" it. So this year I saw this neat idea that someone pasted to facebook, and knew that this would be my new tree love. My theory is if I'm going to put up a fake tree, than don't hide the fact that it's fake, shout it from the tree tops. (click on any picture to get a closer look)
Isn't he fun? It makes me smile every time I see it. We searched high and low for just the right tree, but it was at second hand stores (I know over the years, I've seen a million and wondered why someone would buy a white tree), and at discount places like Big Lots. We tried KMart, and Target no luck, then we tried a little old fashioned box store called Roses and there it was for $25. We added a few strands of new lights with white cords, I elected to buy the one without the lights already attached, cause it was fuller and I don't mind stringing lights. Snowman's head was found at Big Lots ($6),

 the super dark blue glass bulbs at KMart for his buttons,

some really pretty garland to add to the fullness and make it shimmer like a fiber optic tree that really gives life to the branches.

I also found some really neat snowflakes at the dollar tree (6 to a card). A blue scarf that was gifted to us, and some pine branches from the yard for arms. So here you have him, I love him so much I may leave him up all winter. I would love to know what you think. Second childhood or just revolting against the green fake tree?


Scrap n Yap with Carolyn said...

Jane---I love him. I too have wondered over the years why anyone would buy a white tree--but this idea is fabulous!! I wouldn't be willing to give up my real tree for him, but I have the perfect spot on the front step outside that I think he would do great!!! Now I'll just have to wait to come across one of those cheap white trees somewhere!

Linda Pekrul said...

This is really cute and fun. My granddaughter would love to come visit your house!