Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Burlap and thrift store frames

Just wanted to share a couple of other burlap projects that I just finished up. I am so excited with how these turned out and think my girls are going to love them. I have so many neat things that I have found on Pinterest and that my beautiful daughters have pinned, that I know I will never have time to finish them all, but I'm working on it. This one comes from Tonya here. I have always loved shopping for Thrift Store treasures and when looking for just the right frames that's where I headed.
This oval frame was just a couple of dollars but had seen some better days, and the dated floral image inside it was not cutting it. So I roughed it up with some sandpaper and several coats of white spray paint later it is looking clean and very cool. I purchase the large letter N from Michael's and painted it first with brown paint
let it dry thoroughly and then put a Crackle Medium over the brown. Once that was completely dry I added a top coat of ivory paint and the magic happens and your top coat crackles and lets some of the brown undercoat show through. The picture that was originally in the frame was then covered with burlap and held in place on the back with Fabric Tac. Hubby helped me screw the N to the burlap to make sure it wasn't going to go anywhere once hung and voila, A new piece to hang in my little girl's home.
I have two wonderful daughters and while I was working on the one above for my youngest, decided to do one for my oldest daughter too. So using the same techniques, just a different thrift store find and black paint I came up with this one
The burlap flowers are not attached yet and I don't know if she will want them on there or not. What do you think, flowers or no? Should I make it 3 flowers instead of 2?


Cricut Couple said...

Wow! These are GORGEOUS! I love the crackle on the letters!!!

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

we are very lucky little girls!! Mom you are the simply the best! I love you

Sara said...

They turned out better than the original idea!! I can't believe how awesome they look- the frame, the N crackled, simply perfection!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Just came from Sara's blog to tell you how creative you are. I will have to try this one soon. Thanks!

Amy Jo said...

Those turned out great! I want to make my own now! I'm sure I can dig up a frame from down in the basement..... :)